Rumour Time: Assassin's Creed 3 sequels to feature co-op?

Ubisoft have perched themselves on the top of a tall building, hoping to scan for clues as to the direction to take the inevitable next entry in the Assassin's Creed series. TGL have posted a series of screenshots of a survey sent out by the company, hinting at possible features that may be introduced.

The most interesting avenue they're exploring is a drop-in co-op mode, designed to let a friend help out at any time during the campaign. The site also reports (although doesn't have screengrabs of) questions probing players' interest in a second title feature AC3's lead Connor (spinning out his frontier adventures into a Brotherhood style meta-franchise), and the continued inclusion of mopey bland-face Desmond.

Does co-op Assassin action appeal? Tying it to the single player campaign sounds like a curious plan. While it'd be nice to muck about in the series' parkour playgrounds, I can only imagine my dogged insistence on completing every mission as stealthily as possible would just infuriate any potential playmate.

Thanks Kotaku .

Phil Savage

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