Rumour: Manchester United is bidding for an Overwatch team

McCree, sporting this season's kit.

McCree, sporting this season's kit.

Take this information with a whole salt mine, but there's a rumour going round that Manchester United is bidding for an unnamed European Overwatch team.

Man U is a little-known football club from England with about £2 billion in its pocket. If the reports from Esports News UK are true, it's bidding against esports stalwart Fnatic (worth a respectable £30 million) and a third, unnamed party. 

ENUK cites "a source close to the situation". There are many reasons to be sceptical. First, Manchester United is much better known for running about a pitch and spectacular falls from grace. Are those skills transferrable? Second, Overwatch is a long way from established as an esport. Why not buy your way into LoL or Dota?

That said, it's not the first time a European football club has taken an interest in esports. German Bundesliga club Schalke 04 has a LoL team, and several have 'official FIFA players'. I'd certainly take more interest in football if justice rained from above every so often.

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