Romeo and Juliet sounds better with Warcraft Orcs, thanks to this WoW Edition Mic

(Image credit: BLUE)

Ahead of the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands later this year, Blizzard partnered with popular microphone maker, Blue Microphones, to release a special World of Warcraft themed Yeti X microphone. In order to properly test out the Yeti X's new Warcraft voice filters, we've decided to recreate a scene of Shakespeare's greatest works, Romeo and Juliet, with our own Jacob Ridley as Romeo, and myself as Juliet. 


The confusing sensation you feel is the fault of the Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition-specific voice modulation filters, which allowed us to sound like any one of favorite Warcraft races, such as Gnomes, Imps, Demons, and, of course, an Orc. 

There are even hundreds of HD audio samples available from World of Warcraft like the classic Murloc gurgle-scream and Thrall yelling at you in Orcish that you can use for your very own WoW soundboard, too. Although we thought it best to leave the sounds of wild Murloc out of this dramatic reading.

Jorge Jimenez
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