Rocket League will retire old Crates in next major update

When Tyler checked into Rocket League last week after some time away, he was taken aback by how good some of its players have become. At almost two years old, change is inevitable for Psyonix's ball-cage-car 'em up—a fact which will soon extend to the retirement of Crates.

If you've been hanging around the Rocket League community of late, you've probably noticed a degree of speculation around this but it's now official: Psyonix will retire "some" of the game's Crates "in the near future."

Speaking in this community post, the developer's Devin Connors suggests the next major update will prevent all four Champion Crates from being obtainable following Online Matches. In turn, this means that the removal of older Crates should increase the likelihood of landing news ones—however Connors also stresses the retirement will only affect drops and not whatever players may have (and wish to trade) in their current inventories. 

"After retiring the Champion Series, we will continue to retire other Crates on a schedule of roughly six months after their initial release," says Connors. "But don’t worry, items found inside retired Crates could still come back at a later date. Some items are already available in other Crates, like those found in the Player’s Choice Crate we released in February."

Connors adds that an announcement will be made ahead of each Crate's retirement, and that Psyonix will have more to share regarding the next big update at the RLCS Season Three World Championship.

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