Rocket League's current competitive season will end in August

You've got a little over a month to earn those Grand Champ rewards—or dream of doing that—before Rocket League's current competitive season ends on August 27. On that day, we'll get an update and season 12 will begin.

In addition, "the gap between Rocket Pass 2 and Rocket Pass 3 was too long," wrote Psyonix in its new roadmap, so Rocket Pass 3 is being extended to the end of this season. There won't be any new challenges, but you can keep unlocking those question marks right up until the start of Rocket Pass 4, which will coincide with the start of the new competitive season on August 27.

There's no other big news in today's update, just a few notes and updates. High dynamic range audio is coming, the promised (and much needed) improved inventory management tools should be finished before the end of the year, "automated, scheduled tournaments" will be introduced as part of an upgrade to the tournaments system, and the Haunted Hallows event is coming back this fall. 

We're also told that in the next Rocket Pass, weekly challenges won't expire. New challenges will be added every week, but you'll have until the end of the pass to complete them.

One cute update is that two stats are being added to all game modes: high-five and low-five. You'll record a high-five by colliding with a teammate mid-air after scoring, and a low-five by doing the same while on the ground. Hoops is also getting a swish stat for goals that don't touch the rim. Presumably those will come with the season 12 update, though no timeline was given.

Psyonix also hinted that we can get a sneak peek at Rocket Pass 4's featured car by scouring the Radical Summer trailer above. Thank you to a few YouTube commenters who pointed out that, at 21 seconds into the video, the butt of a car is visible. It's not much of a tease, but it's there if you want a peek.

Correction: The original Rocket League roadmap post and the original version of this article stated that season 12 would start August 28, but it will actually start August 27.

Tyler Wilde
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