Rocket League Anniversary update adds new arena, cars, and goal explosions

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Rocket League is nearly two years old, and in celebration of that, Psyonix is gearing up to release an Anniversary update during the week of the soccer-with-cars game's birthday—July 7.

Announced during the RLCS World Championship, the Anniversary update adds a bunch of free content, including a new arena, cars, and customizaton options. The new arena is called Champions Field, and it features a standard layout with a modern look. It'll be available in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches when it launches.

The two new Import Battle-Cars are Animus GP and Centio V17, and they both look rad—Centio V17 may actually pull me away from using Breakout. However, if I want to use either of these cars, I'm going to have to get lucky: both are only available as drops inside the new Overdrive Crates. 

On top of that, Psyonix is introducing Engine Audio and Goal Explosions to the game's customization options. In addition to new Trails, you'll be able to find different audio and explosions in crates and as free drops.

The Anniversary update spells the end of Competitive Season 4, and in turn, the beginning of Competitive Season 5, so make sure you get all your matches in by the week of July 7.

As for music, the upcoming update introduces Rocket League Radio, which brings 18 new songs from the Monstercat record label. You can check out a sampling of them in the update's trailer (above).

For more information on the Anniversary update, head on over to the Rocket League website (opens in new tab).