SMITE gets Isis as a new playable god

Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess of motherhood and nature, has just been added to gods-battling multiplayer game SMITE . Isis is billed as the goddess of magic, which makes sense since the historical Isis was the holder of magic in the Egyptian pantheon.

Anyway, Isis is the newest playable hero in the MOBA from Hi-Rez, the devs behind 2012 game of the year nominee Tribes: Ascend . A major addition to the upcoming game not only adds Isis, it revamps Twitch integration, upgrade pricing, one-on-one challenge mode, and makes numerous tweaks and balance changes.

The biggest change (besides Isis, sorry ma'am) is the new God Leveling system. For each game you win, the god you play will earn “worshippers,” and your total number of worshippers indicates your “God Rank.” I know it goes with the theme and all, but couldn't they just use “XP” and “level” like everyone else and save themselves a lot more angry letters ? I digress.

SMITE is still in beta testing, and a specific release date hasn't been announced. Head over to Hi-Rez's news post for the full rundown on the mother of Horus and the trickster of Ra. (Sorry, now I'm really done.)