Risk of Rain 2 sells more than one million copies in just a month

Just a month after its release on March 28 (although it's not technically released because it's still in Early Access, but whatever), the third-person roguelike shooter Risk of Rain 2 has surpassed one million units sold.

"To give you guys a little bit of context, it took us almost 5 years to hit that same number on Steam for Risk of Rain 1," developer Hopoo Games said. "We are excited to see how many of you are jumping into RoR 2. Thank you all so much—we feel very lucky." 

The studio said that it's continuing to work on the new content announced in last week's development roadmap, which will bring all-new content to the Risk of Rain setting. But future updates "will weave in some returning content from Risk 1," it added, including Risk of Rain 1 survivors. More information, and "teasers of what's to come," will be revealed at the update approaches release. 

"We hope our first content update plants the seeds necessary to continue growing Risk of Rain 2 into an even better game for players.. This patch will also include quality of life updates and bug fixes!" Hopoo wrote. "As a reminder, we will still be shipping patches containing bug fixes, alongside full localization, before the first Content Update."   

Hopoo confirmed that the one million mark is actually one million units sold, independent of the 2-for-1 promotion that helped it achieve 500,000 players in its first week of release: A rep said the redemptions on that promotion are approaching 200,000, so the player count is "theoretically" just over 1.2 million—not bad for a sequel to a six-year-old, two-person indie joint. Risk of Rain 2 is currently expected to leave Early Access and go into full release in the spring of 2020.

Andy Chalk

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