Rise of Incarnates shutting down after just a few months

Rise of Incarnates

Bonkers free-to-play fighting game Rise of Incarnates is shutting down, just a few months after its launch on July 1. There's no reason given by publisher Bandai Namco, but the servers will remain up until December 15, at which point Incarnates will bite the dust.

The announcement was made on Steam here, and notes that, as of today, players can no longer purchase 'IP' (a virtual currency bought with real money). You'll need to use any existing IP before December 15, for obvious reasons.

I'd not heard of Rise of Incarnates before now, but it looks pretty crazy in screenshots and videos: an over-the-top 3D brawler that pits two teams of two against each other. Here's the announcement trailer from the last year.

Tom Sykes

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