Riot loses lawsuit over League of Legends 'Striker Lucian' skin

The League of Legends champion Lucian, as described in his official profile, "wields relic weapons imbued with ancient power and stands a stalwart guardian against the undead. His cold conviction never wavers, even in the face of the maddening horrors he destroys beneath his hail of purifying fire. Lucian walks alone on a grim mission: to purge the spirits of those ensnared in undeath, his eternal beloved among them." 

That's pretty heavy stuff, but he's not all grim and grit. He also seems to have an affinity for sports, especially soccer, if his Striker Lucian skin is anything to go by. But that skin has landed LoL developer Riot Games in a spot of trouble, as former pro soccer player Edgar Davids filed—and won—a lawsuit against the company, alleging that it's based on his likeness. 

According to a report on Dutch site Het Parool (Google translated), Riot argued that the similarities between the skin and the real person weren't as great as Davids claimed, and that LoL players wouldn't confuse the two. The court saw the situation somewhat differently, however, no doubt at least partly thanks to  this tweet from 2014 by former Riot QA analyst Baconhawk.

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The judge in the case ordered Riot to reveal to auditors how much money the Striker Lucian skin has earned, and will determine Davids' compensation based on that. A Riot rep declined to comment on the case. 

Andy Chalk

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