Ride a rocket in the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer (HD)

Deus Ex Human Revolution Rocket Jensen

The Tokyo Game Show starts today. It's not usually a font of PC gaming news, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution publisher Square Enix just put out a Japanese language trailer with some startling new bits. Including- is that a rocket? With player character Adam Jensen in it? In a space suit? Is that what the Icarus wings motif running throughout these trailers has been about? See for yourself.

It actually looks like Jensen is firing himself in a rocket towards some kind of silo way out at sea: the pod that lands next to the cargo ship looks like the one he took off in. If so, this qualifies as an agreeably extreme way to travel. The silo looks like an incredible level, too. From what I've seen of the game itself, the environments look as good in-game as they do in these trailers.

The rest of the trailer is mostly recycled from earlier clips, but we also get to see the face of that mysterious cloaking lady. She's gunning people down and enjoying it, so she's probably not on your side. Despite the fact that gunning people down and enjoying it is pretty much our hobby, as gamers.

Right now, I feel like there's about a 20% chance the third Deus Ex game might be absolutely phenomenal. Strains of the music, flourishes of the visual design, and things like firing yourself transatlantic in a rocket just get me tingling. I'm pretty confident the developers understand why Deus Ex was good , but what's just as exciting is that they seem to be making it slick in a way neither of the first two games ever were.

[Thanks to bluemanan for posting to YouTube]