Resident Evil spin-off Re:Verse has been delayed yet again, and Capcom won't commit to anything beyond '2022'

The cast of Re:Verse
(Image credit: Capcom)

Originally set to be released this month, Resident Evil multiplayer spin-off Re:Verse has been delayed to a very vague '2022'. Capcom announced the news on Twitter, saying it wants to "deliver a smooth gameplay experience."

Re:Verse is a third-person online shooter  for 4-6 players, featuring multiple characters from the Resident Evil series—as well as the ability to transform into a bioweapon, including the Nemesis and RE7's Jack Baker.

Re:Verse is being developed by Capcom and NeoBards, the studio behind RE3's multiplayer mode, Resistance. Three beta tests for Re:Verse were held in April, but one of them was plagued by matchmaking issues and closed early. This isn't the first delay either: the game was originally scheduled for release in May this year. So it's clear the developers are having some issues.

I'm a Resident Evil fan, presumably the target audience for Re:Verse, and I honestly can't say I'm that excited about it. I'm willing to be proven wrong but Resi will always be a singleplayer series to me, maybe co-op at a stretch: jamming its heroes into a competitive slaughterhouse doesn't make much sense. As for exactly when in 2022 the game will finally be available, Capcom hasn't said anything concrete beyond: "We will share updated launch details at a later time."

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