Resident Evil 7 teasers portray perusal and puzzle solving

Resident Evil 7's marketing drive is beginning to take on a Noah's Ark like quality as its short teasers continue to land two-by-two. The latest pair of snippets explore how you'll examine objects in the incoming survival horror venture, as well as how you might choose to overcome one of its typically obtuse puzzles. 

What's probably most noticeable about the following shorts is that angling an object in 360 degrees was once resigned to the inventory menu, but is now instead done in front of the character's field of view. It's a simple tweak, but one which will likely make the process of figuring out what the hell that inflated yellow balloon has to do with anything, far less the 'Venomous Predator' spider silhouette wall hanging the player has it dangling in front of.

Keys found in locks would be wishful thinking, wouldn't it? First up, Resi 7's volume seven video entitled 'A Closer Look':

And the slightly more involved volume eight short, 'Immagination': 

When it was first launched onto PS4 consoles earlier this year, many a player struggled to make sense of that elusive chopped finger pick up. Yet I'm far more interested in that yellow balloon. Answers on the back of a postcard/in the comments below as to what it might be all about.

Resident Evil 7 is due January 24, 2017.