How to beat the greenhouse boss in Resident Evil 7

Marguerite isn’t having a great day. You busted into her house, burned her bug-children, stole her dead (sort of) kid’s serum-producing arm, and dissolved her into a pile of black goo. Who’s the bad guy here? Anyway, she gets mad and her legs and arms grow longer, her undercarriage erupts into a bug-birthing abscess, and she makes it her mission to murder you in the greenhouse. It’s not as obtuse a battle as Jack Baker's boss fight, but can really put a drain on your supplies if you don’t use them correctly. Use these tips to spend your precious bullets wisely and make Marge's day the worst she’s ever had, you jerk. 

Find a safe sentry point on the second floor 

Running around is valid tactic, but it can be easy to turn a corner and bump into Marguerite unexpectedly, where the ensuing panic might mean bullets wasted and unnecessary damage taken. I found a decent place on the second floor where I could keep track of her pretty well and get away if she got too close. The key her is patience, and making her come to you rather than seeking her out. 

Save your flamethrower fuel for swarms 

Sometimes Marge will hide to birth swarms and the larger flying insects. You can chase her down and get a pistol shot in or two to interrupt the process, but if you can’t find her, make sure you save flamethrower fuel to take care of the incoming swarms. If you can, just knife the big suckers, but the swarms are quick and a huge distraction. Taking them out as soon as possible is key.

Use the pistol to knock her down 

Marge will climb all over the walls and ceiling and can be knocked down with a few well placed pistol shots. Once she hits the floor, she’ll land on her back and struggle to upright herself, which is a perfect time to get some damage in. When she disappears to birth bugs, she'll lay eggs too, which continually spawn bugs throughout the match. A shot or two from a distance will knock her down. Listen for her moaning, birthing noises and try to interrupt her before she can finish. 

Save the shotgun for damage 

If it wasn’t obvious already, shooting Marge in her festering bug wound does the most damage. Do your best to save your most powerful weapons for such an opening because she doesn’t stay still for long, even after a good stun. If you're desperate to do some damage, but can't get a bead on her bug bits, then headshots are a decent alternative. 

If she gets too close, drop down for a supply run 

There are a ton of supplies hidden all around the greenhouse, and once you get a good hit in on Marge after she approaches you (ideally from a second floor sentry point), she’s hard to get back down immediately. Use the opportunity to drop down to the first floor for a quick supply run. There’s ammo tucked away in a few drawers and a box, chemicals on the lawnmower and in the spider-covered locker, and a health tonic near this tipped ceramic. They’re not too difficult to spot once you’re close enough—just look out for the little arrow UI icon. Once you finish your quick sweep, head back upstairs to your sentry spot. 

If you want some extra help before the fight, look left before the first set of stairs where she pops out of the window. There are some psychosimulants on a couch. They'll speed up your ability to item snaffle while running around as it marks them all on screen temporarily.

Take a peek at the gallery below for a few item locations. 

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