Resident Evil 4 HD Project mod adds dynamic lighting to The Island, continues to impress

Mondays are a slog, right, but aren't they that bit easier to stomach when updates from neat player-made mod projects emerge from the news cycle? The Resident Evil 4 HD Project has now introduced tweaks to The Island location overhaul, including adjustments to its dynamic lighting. As ever, it looks great. Happy Monday. 

These days, RE4HD updates are coming at us faster than a brain-munching Las Plagas undead—and while I'm hardly complaining, I've found it a wee bit difficult keeping up. That's a good problem to have, of course, particularly when creator Albert's revisions are packed with dozens of before and after shots and trailers. 

Like this 'un:

"Here’s a new round of Island area comparison shots showing the latest refinements," explains Albert. "A short explanation for those who are not following every post on this site: This second remastering pass I’m doing on the Island section is mostly focused on lighting and effects adjustments. 

"We learned how to make these kind of edits when I was remastering the last areas of the game, which is why I’ve gone back to previous areas to apply everything I learned. I’m also taking the opportunity to make some quick 3D/texture/shadow improvements."

The creator adds that all Village and Castle area and lighting effects are considered complete, and that "only a few Island areas" are yet to be reworked. 

Here's a handful of the latest nips and tucks:

More information on all of that, and past RE4HD updates, can be found over here