Resident Evil 2 Reborn team announces Daymare: 1998

Invader Studios, the team behind the Resident Evil 2 Reborn fan remake that was shut down last year following the announcement of an official Resi 2 Remake, is working on a new project called Daymare: 1998. New, but not dissimilar: It's a third-person survival horror game with an over-the-shoulder camera and multiple under-armed characters facing off against hideously misshapen mutants.   

Daymare: 1998 promises “a hardcore survival horror experience inspired by the visual style and the atmosphere evoked by 1990's cult movies.” It's being developed on the Unreal Engine 4, with an “artistic contribution” from former Capcom designer Satoshi Nakai, who previously designed creatures and enemies for Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 0. As suggested by the title (and stated explicitly on the Invader Studios Facebook page), it will serve up a “back to the 90s twist,” and be through with “90s pop culture and horror movie hat tips.” 

Invader Studios has apparently expanded for the project: It said on Facebook that it's “been really busy with rebranding, changing office and welcoming [to] our team a bunch of new, fantastic people who contributed with their talent” to the project. There's no word yet on a release date, but you can follow along with the developmental action on Twitter, and lay eyes on a few screens below.

Andy Chalk

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