Make Resident Evil 2 a sexy nightmare with these mods

So hot. 

So hot. 

During the fleeting moments the Resident Evil 2 remake wasn't reminding me that I'm a prisoner in a fleshy mortal cage, I kept wondering why I wasn't super horny yet. For reasons Capcom refuses to explain, Leon, Claire, Ada, Mr. X—all the hot adult stars of RE2 arrive fully clothed and stay that way throughout the game.  Lucky for us, modders have already made a healthy assortment of sexy outfits and nude mods to make up for Capcom's glaring omissions. Finally, Mr X. and Leon can play cat and mouse throughout a metropolitan police station in their undies as they were always meant to.

Before getting started, you'll want to download the Fluffyquack mod manager. It's a simple tool that makes managing multiple mods in RE2 a breeze. Be sure to check the installation instructions that accompany each mod just in case. 

But let's not scroll too far down just yet. This article is very much not safe for work. Don't click those links in a public space. 


Leon in his underpants thanks to mods

(Image credit: Loxoss)

For anyone that isn't into outright nudity, alternate outfits are out there. Ripped Leon with a little cop thong, Mr. X in an Umbrella piece to match. Claire's does the sexy detective look justice. Personally, I won't rest until Mr. X gets some Daisy Dukes. 

Leon Underwear

This mod replaces Leon's sheriff outfit with skin, muscle, straps, and tiny underpants. 

Beachboy X

Replace Mr. X's stupid clothes with fewer clothes! This mod gives the big guy some flip-flops, sunglasses, and an Umbrella branded thong. Make it mandatory, Capcom. 

Claire Noir with Transparent Shirt

This one's a fun one for the boob fans out there. What better way to remember where Clarie's boobs are than occasionally glancing at the bra visible through her white shirt? A thrill. 

Adults only

Although Claire and Ada are covered—er, uncovered—by plenty of mods, there are fewer options for the men.  Modeling a penis isn't easy, but we trusted in modders to do what is right and they eventually delivered with a handful of nude mods for the menfolk of RE2.

Mr. X Nude Erect

I figured it would be big, but good lord.

Sexy Cat Leon

It's Leon, naked but for a cat mask and a few strips of leather.

Claire Nude mod

It does what it says! If you prefer to keep the pants on, there's a topless mod too. 

Ada Nude mod

It's super secret FBI dress code, Leon, we swear. Trust us. 

Claire Noir with Transparent Shirt, Adult Version

Will Claire solve the case of the missing bra? Unlikely. This one's for the the boob-likers want to strain their eyes to see the dreaded nipple. 

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