Reset trailer resets the scene

We've been taken in by many a trailer before, but here at PC Gamer we have a motto: "Don't count a chicken by its cover until you've actually seen someone playing the game." Reset's trailer tugs at the heartstrings and saturates the eyeballs in equal measure, but it doesn't actually show any action.

It does reveal a little about the game's world - it's seemingly some post-apocalyptic scenario in which only flora exists. Which is great if you're a tree, or a cucumber. It's all very stirring, but there's no movement in the trailer until the very end, when the robo-mech-thing's hand twitches. Maybe this is a game where you control the robo-mech-thing's hand, forever sentenced to drum rhythms on a dilapidated car. Developers Theory Interactive reckon there's more to it than that, citing its "unique game mechanic" as "the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively, with yourself." Presumably, you do something, then "reset" either yourself or the gameworld to where you or it started. Then you do another thing and reset again.

It could be cool, and the two ex-Futuremark artists who make up Theory Interactive clearly have an eye for post-apocalyptic vistas. But we're going to reserve our excitement until we actually see the game in action.