Report from the frontlines of Arma II: Private Military Company

ARMA 2 private military company

The dodgy business of contracted military firms and mercenaries make up the back drop to the next slice of DLC for ARMA II. The ten new missions added in Private Military Company will introduce a host of new weapons and vehicles, and provide a single player and co-op campaign in which you play as a new faction. Read on for more information and a video report from the front line in Takistan.

The NATO Green Sea deployment is in the process of aiding the withdrawal of British and coalition armed forces from the region of Takistan, and have hired a series of competitive military contractors to fill the gaps left by the disappearing troops. There's also a small matter of Takistan's abandoned nuclear weapons program, and presumably related questions, like: "did they build any bombs?" and "where the hell are the bombs?" The campaign will have you defending a team of UN weapons inspectors on the hunt for just such answers. The DLC will be arriving on November 24th and will cost £7.99, for more information, check out the Arma 2: Private Military Company site . Check out in-engine news report below for a sense of the level of gritty realism Bohemia are aiming for with their latest expansion.

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