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Red Orchestra 2 reinforces with new maps and free Steam weekend

Tripwire's World War 2-based multiplayer shooter Red Orchestra 2 has just received an update adding four free new maps! And there's a free Steam weekend, giving you a chance to try out the game! And, right now, it's ridiculously cheap from a variety of places! You would think all these things would be cause for celebration. But no, war is a harrowing exercise in futility and despair and, given Tripwire's dedication to accuracy, they've marked the occasion with a thoroughly bleak trailer.

It's okay, we can fix this. Just mute the video and load up something far more appropriate for a modern game trailer . Thank heavens, I am now emotionally detached enough to continue.

The four included maps are picked from the winners of Tripwire's recent mapping contest . Admittedly this means that they were all previously available on the Steam Workshop, but it's nice to see Tripwire officially supporting their community. Plus it's handy for people too lazy to click a single subscribe button.

The free weekend coincides with an 85% off discount, both of which should run until Sunday. Despite this, it's not the cheapest place to get the game - both Red Orchestra 2 and the original Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 are available as part of a pay-what-you-want deal in the Humble Bundle weekly sale . Pay over $2.90 and you'll also get Tripwire's enjoyable zombie co-op shooter Killing Floor.

Phil Savage
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