Red Alert 2 looks great in VR

Perhaps the worst thing about living through the ill-conceived, misfiring VR hyperbole of the 90s is the fact that I'm now forever dubious of the medium. Even now, when I've really enjoyed what I've sampled so far, I'm still relatively closed off to the concept and in turn, this has prevented me from seeing the bigger picture—such as what it could be used for beyond the latest releases. 

Seeing Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 by way of an HTC Vive headset reminds of virtual reality's wider worth—that we could experience games both new and old in ways that transcend the norm. 

Granted, the following Unreal Engine 4-powered snippet of Red Alert 2 is but a proof of concept, but the use of an in-game tablet in concert with a Vive controller as the player dictates battle plans from an elevated god-like position looks pretty darn cool. 

Again, Ádám Horváth's work here is a proof of concept (his YouTube channel demonstrates his proclivity for augmented reality) and, alongside a legal notice, this video's description acknowledges moddb person Sly_Fox's assets in helping bring it all together.