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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw adds two of its most requested features following feedback

We recently heard that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, a space combat sim from Double Damage and a "sort-of-prequel" to Rebel Galaxy, will be out early next year. After consulting player feedback, two of its most requested features have been added to the game—'drifting' and 'sublight'. 

The video above gives us a glimpse at how these new features will work. Travis shows off the new sublight fast travel option, which allows you to break out at any time to do any missions that you may have spotted, as well as how drifting will allow you to circle-strafe using your boosters and giving you greater control.

“There were a couple of feature requests that sort of bubbled up... and we wanted to go ahead and address those,” says Travis above. “The two things that we heard about the most were, one, the desire to be able to cut your initial dampening so that you could maneuver independent of your velocity, and two, the ability to stay in-world as you were travelling from place to place inside a solar system.”

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is due for release in early 2019.

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