Raptr launches Plays.tv, a place for gamers to "share their pro moments"


Online gaming service Raptr has announced the launch of Plays.tv, a dedicated site that enables gamers to share and showcase their "highlight reel" moments. The site will support gameplay videos of up to 20 minutes in length, and will simultaneously share them with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

Launching alongside the new site is the free Plays.tv client, currently in beta, that provides a fast and easy way to capture, edit, and share gameplay clips. The client works with all games, can capture both gameplay and webcam video in a picture-in-picture format, and is able to import videos recorded with other software as well. It runs automatically in the background during gameplay, using hardware-accelerated encoding to ensure a minimal impact on performance.

"To me, chatting with my friends about all the funny and amazing things that happened in the game we just played is often as much fun as playing the game itself,” Raptr founder and CEO Dennis “Thresh” Fong said in a statement. "Everyone experiences moments they want to remember when gaming; Plays.tv makes saving those moments as easy as taking a screenshot and provides a fun community to share them with."

"Plays.tv makes it super simple to capture highlight moments from our matches without the hassles of editing, and it's awesome to have a dedicated community to share them with so our fans can relive those moments with us," Team Dignitas Managing Director Michael O'Dell added.

Details, videos, and a link to the client are live now at—you guessed it—Plays.tv.

Andy Chalk

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