Randall: a dystopian action platfomer with mind control

Randall thumb

"This looks cool, we should post about it," I thought, instantly raising my suspicion. Does action platformer Randall look cool? Maybe E3 was, in fact, a long bombardment of hypnotically suggestive lights and sounds, and instead of a charmingly animated side-scroller, what we're really seeing is a strobing message ordering us to be mildly intrigued by the concept and promise shown in this supposed announcement trailer.

No, can't be. I'm just being paranoid... Although E3 is definitely a long bombardment of hypnotically suggestive lights and sounds.

Speaking to Polygon , We the Force Studios CEO and founder Cesar Ramirez Molina describes the game as being set in a futuristic dystopia where a crystal-like mineral has infected the population. While it increases the fear of most - making them more docile and manageable - it gives hero Randall the power to read people's minds.

Molina says the game will be choice-heavy, featuring multiple endings based on your actions throughout the game. Levels require the player to explore the world of Randall's childhood, battling mind-controlled inhabitants. The game will also feature special, more puzzle-based, missions to get inside the head of various characters.

Randall is still in early development for PC and Xbox 360. No release date has been set.

Phil Savage

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