Rainbow Six Siege will launch with 11 multiplayer maps

Rainbow Six Siege

Update: We were initially told that Siege would launch with 10 maps. Ubisoft reached out to us to clarify with the following statement:

“At launch, Rainbow Six Siege will have 11 maps, playable both day or night, all using the full potential of our Real Blast destruction technology. In addition, all post-launch maps will be downloadable for free. We want players to stay with us for the long term and have ambitious post-launch plans that we will detail at a later stage,” a Ubisoft representative shared via email.

Original story follows:

Rainbow Six: Siege is shaping up to be a satisfying tactical shooter if Evan's hands-on impressions are anything to go by. Level designer Benoit Deschamps was in Sydney recently to show off the game ahead of its new December release date and, in a discussion about the design process, he told me the team had come up with over 50 ideas for map settings for Rainbow Six: Siege, but had to whittle that number down to ten.

Asked to clarify, he confirmed the map count is ten, though more will come post-launch. “As for now yes, there are ten maps," he said, "but we have more planned because we’re already working on more content for players after launch."

The beta for Rainbow Six: Siege will launch September 24, followed by an official release on December 1st. Wes had the most recent hands-on session with the game's Terror Hunt mode. "Ubisoft talked about randomly selecting a combination of objective types and maps to keep the mode fresh," he wrote, "but I'd love to see some deeper customization beyond that, like tweaking AI behavior and loadouts, time allotment, and the number of enemies."

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