Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow teaser showcases "Skyscraper" map

After weeks of trickling out information, Ubisoft has finally dropped the full details, and a new trailer, for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege DLC, Operation Red Crow. The expansion will include two new operators from Japan's SAT, Hibana and Echo, a new map called Skyscraper, new weapon skins and features, and the debut of a new series of customization packs called Elite sets. 

These sets each include a matching uniform and headgear, an Operator card, a charm, an Operator name, and "signature victory animations." They'll be released first for Kapkan, Sledge, and Thermite. The new maps and modes will be available to all players, while the new Operators and most weapon skins can be unlocked (which is to say, purchased) with Renown or R6 Credits. 

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow will be available to season pass holders on November 17, and to everyone else on November 24.

Update: The post originally stated that Operation Red Crow will sell for 600 R6 Credits. That's actually the cost to purchase the individual Operators, who can also be acquired in-game for 25,000 Renown each. The Skyscraper map is free for everyone.

Andy Chalk

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