Rainbow Six Siege live-action trailer reveals open beta coming next week

Idris Elba does Rainbow Six Siege

The new Rainbow Six Siege live-action trailer features Idris "Luther" Elba wandering around a house that's being torn to bits by cops and criminals who are caught up in an ultra-destructive tussle over some guy on a couch. More relevant to our interests is that this promo also comes with news about the open beta, which will kick off next week.

First things first: This is the worst hostage rescue I have ever seen. I thought it was bad when the Spetsnaz brought a mounted machine gun to the breakfast nook, but watching Hulk Bob Vila smash a hole in the floor so he can leap down onto the bad guys takes it to a whole other level. I mean, if we assume that the entire point of coming through the ceiling is to catch your enemies off-guard, isn't all that hammering exactly the sort of advance notice you want to avoid delivering?

Operational practicalities aside, the beta will begin on November 25 and run until November 29, during which time Rainbow Six Siege will be free for everyone to try. The full game comes out on December 1, when it will stop being free and start being $60/£50.

Andy Chalk

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