Rage 2 E3 trailer teases pilotable mechs and giant sandworms

Rage 2 has been keeping busy since launch, and judging by the E3 trailer the new stuff is just going to keep on coming, with new vehicles, a pilotable mech, more weapons and a big—very big—monster heading to the game soon. 

New toys and things to fire them at will be appearing each week, along with some more game modes and extra cheat codes to muck around with, letting you make a mess when you murder and defy gravity.  

On top of the continuing weekly updates, the Rise of the Ghosts expansion is coming. It will introduces a new area, story, enemy faction and, obviously, more ways to kill things. 

Rise of the Ghosts is coming later this year, but you should start seeing the rest appear soon. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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