Grab this Radeon RX 580 for $199 and get two great games for free

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Radeon RX 580 deal

If you're looking for a powerful GPU that delivers one of the highest frames-per-dollar ratios of any card on the market, the RX 580 has always been an excellent choice (which is why it ranks as one of our best graphics cards). But if you effectively peel $120 off that price by offering two brand new, triple-A, well received games, suddenly a great deal becomes a totally irresistible one. 

Newegg is currently bundling the card at an already slightly reduced $199 price point with a choice of two of three games, either the extremely well regarded Resident Evil 2 remake, which our own Andy Kelly awarded an 89, highly anticipated post-apocalyptic shooter The Division 2, or Devil May Cry 5, the kinetic brawler that our Tom Senior calls one of the PC's best. 

Radeon RX 580 is $199 at Newegg with two free games (opens in new tab)

Radeon RX 580 is $199 at Newegg with two free games (opens in new tab)
A very capable card for anyone on a budget that wants to rock games at 1080p, bundling it with two free awesome games makes this sale a no-brainer.

The 8GB Sapphire version of the card is well cooled and performs well under load, and is one of the best OEM versions of the RX 580. It also comes with some great warranty coverage in case a fan fails or you have any other issues with the hardware, allowing customers to quickly connect with the servicer to get a replacement quickly. If you're looking for a card to jump into VR or handle the FHD era of gaming the 580 is an excellent choice, and these games are a fantastic way to test it out. 

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