Race The Sun crosses the Kickstarter finish line

As a certain Kickstarter project continues to suck in money like a hungry black hole, it's worth remembering that the service has also been good to smaller, arguably purer, projects. Like this: Race The Sun - an "infinite speed experience" time-trial racer with an alpha demo you can play right now . The two man studio, Flippfly, needed just $20,000 to secure some of its ambitious feature plans. And while that target wasn't met until the final few hours, it's now full speed ahead for the game.

At its most basic, you dodge dynamic objects in a procedurally generated world, chasing the sunset in your solar-powered craft, and building speed until you're going fast enough to reverse time. Possibly in the style of Superman in the original 1978 film.

The feature that really stands out is the world creator, which lets you create, manipulate and program objects with minimal effort. Flippfly say the creator will allow players to make entirely new game modes, which can the be shared to the community. Those custom levels will also find their way inside the main game. Portals will appear at certain times of the day, which, when travelled through, transport players to a community made world.

Multiplayer also looks to be a bit different. It's co-op and asynchronous, with players given a link to share when they finish a match. When a person uses it, they continue from where the level left off, with this relay race continuing until players are out of lives and the total score is uploaded to a shared leaderboard.

Flippfly estimate that Race The Sun will be completed by May. More game footage below.

Phil Savage

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