Puzzle game Baba is You is coming to break your brain

Baba is You is a puzzle game that won both Best Student Game and Best Design at the IGF Awards. On the surface it's a game about collecting flags by pushing blocks and crossing obstacles, but what makes it brain-breaking is that the rules of each level are a part of the level you can interact with. BABA IS YOU reads one rule, and ROCK IS PUSH another. But shove the words around to read ROCK IS YOU and suddenly you're controlling a boulder. 

The parts of each level that block you, drown you, or burn you can all be messed with the same way. Even the rule FLAG IS WIN can be changed. Watch the trailer to get an idea of how it works in play.

Bab is You comes out March 13 on Steam, Humble, and itch.io. 

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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