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PUNKSNOTDEAD: free low-fi brawler that doubles as a rude wake-up call

I don't like mornings. Being even semi-conscious through them requires a finely balanced system of alarm clocks, snooze buttons and caffeine. Now, thanks to free indie game PUNKSNOTDEAD , I've a new wake-up call to add to the list. It's loud, brash, obscene and very pink. It's a game about punching things that is, appropriately enough, like a punch in the face for your senses.

You move and jump with the arrow keys, and punch people with Z. That's about as complicated as it gets - you're now free to punch people, avoid bullets and spread carnage while the game constantly swears at you and assaults you with its super low-fi punk soundtrack. The below gif, from the game's creator mooosh, gives you a pretty solid idea of what to expect.

It was made in 12 hours for an overnight gamejam. Naturally it's wilfully crude - you often get lost in the throng of pink, making it harder to dodge the occasional green guys that are trying to shoot you. The solution: PUNCH HARDER. You can download it from mooosh's website .

Thanks, IndieGames .

Phil Savage
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