Punch Club getting a free expansion: The Dark Fist

Punch Club

The team behind Punch Club are incorrigible crowd-pleasers, which is fitting for a game about managing a shady boxing ring and part-time vigilante revenge quest. First they invited Twitch to beat the game as one to unlock it on Steam early. Now, they've announced a free expansion to arrive on March 8: The Dark Fist.

The Dark Fist promises a new, three-hour storyline in which "you find a suitcase that pinpoints crimes in the city" for you to fight. I've quoted that line in the hope that you can make more sense of it than me—my own suitcases' crime-fighting credentials are underwhelming at best.

Excitingly if you're the community-minded sort or have a gambling problem, the devs have deepened Punch Club's Twitch integration. Taking a leaf out of Cobalt's book, you can now bet Twitch FunBucks ('points', if you must) on the outcome of fights. Word is that points will translate to real rewards, but there's no hint as to what those are just yet.

If you want to keep your operation running while on the move, March 8 will introduce PC-mobile cross-platform cloud saves. It's never too late to develop a new vice.