PUBG welcomes return of point-accumulating Desert Knights event mode

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest limited-time event mode is Desert Knights—the 50-person deathmatch that debuted in May, but was prematurely pulled as a result of server issues

Set on Miramar, ten squads of five drop into the desert, tooled up with level three gear and a crate weapon. The first team to 200 points, or the team with most points after 15 minutes, wins. If you die, you respawn above. 

"As the sun slowly climbs over the horizon, five soldiers stand ready," says this Steam Community update. "Armed to the teeth and kitted out for battle, these warriors know things are about to heat up the cool desert morning. Their orders as tall as the shadows cast by the rising sun, the Desert Knights are ready and aim to be the last squad standing." 

Desert Knights take two kicks off at 7pm PST this evening / 3am BST tomorrow morning. It runs till the same time on August 26/27, and is available in TPP and FPP in North America, Europe and Asia; but is restricted to third-person servers everywhere else. Let us know if you plan to drop in. 

It's been a busy week for PUBG, having also announced its long-awaited Training Mode at Gamescom. That's as yet without a concrete launch date, but will feature a shooting range, racetracks, and parachute practice.