PUBG players learn to ride smoke grenades off cliffs without taking damage

So the footage above is A Thing. Never to be outdone by their genre stablemate neighbours/fiercest rivals, PUBG players have discovered a trick that lets them ride smoke grenades down hills and over cliffs without taking damage. 

As reported by Eurogamer, Reddit person kowzzzz posted their summit surfing to the PUBG subreddit—which takes place in the battle royale's test server. Kowzzzz explains they don't think the trick works in live servers (it's worth noting PUBG Corp will almost certainly catch up with the bug either way), but that pulling it off is pretty straightforward. 

"You just need to throw [the smoke grenade] straight up in the air and be on a surface that is slightly slanted," explains Kowzzzz. "Sometimes it doesn't work if the angle is too extreme… [You] don't even have to jump, for whatever reason it passes through your body and when it bounces it places you on top of it."

Throughout the thread, players attempt to wrap their head around the physics of the trick—with some Reddit users suggesting it's inadvertently tied to PUBG's new bullet penetration system