PUBG adds one-shot kill War Mode

PUBG's latest limited-time event marks the return of War Mode. Live now through June 10 at 11pm PST / June 11 at 7am BST, players can expect "spicier" rules this time, where instant death follows every knock. 

Set within a small and static Erangel safe zone, War Mode equips players with a 4x-scoped Karabiner 98 Kurz, a handgun, one frag grenade and a ghillie suit. "When taking lethal damage, you'll die instantly instead of being knocked," explains this Steam Community post, which also notes the absence of world loot and vehicles in these match-ups.  

As before, respawning players do so within planes every 40 seconds. Killing enemies nets your ten-person squad three points, and the first team—of which there are three at any given time—to reach 150 points wins. Third and first person servers are available to players in Europe and North America, while the rest of the world is tied to TPP. 

The weather is rainy. Redzones and care packages are disabled. And killer spectating is switched off. Good luck, soldier. 

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Elsewhere, as outlined in the tweet above, developer PUBG Corp has now installed a new anti-cheat launched to the battle royale's Experimental Server. Follow the instructions there to take it for a spin. 

Testing for PUBG's tropical Sanhok map has been extended to Monday