Project Wingman looks like Ace Combat 7 but with full VR support

I wouldn't want to take Project Wingman for a spin after a heavy lunch, or simply with a normal stomach that isn't made of iron. It's an arcade dogfighter, not unlike the recently released Ace Combat 7, with jet fuel pumping through its arteries. Unlike Bandai Namco's aerial shooter, however, it's got full VR support and is available for some of the best VR headsets. Watch the nauseating battle above.  

Project Wingman is an in-development Unreal Engine 4 dogfighter set in an alternate timeline where a multinational order, the Federation, controls one of the most valuable resources on the planet. A coup d'etat and rebellion have kicked off over its exploitation of said resources, with players sliding into the jet of a mercenary hired to fight in this civil war. 

Multiple modes are planned, including a Free-Flight mode that just lets you enjoy a leisurely flight across the map, and the more in-depth Conquest mode. Pilots will need to fight bosses and ace squadrons in tricky territory capture battles inspired by roguelikes and RPGs, not just dogfighters. With cash earned from victories, new jets can be purchased, and pilots can even establish their own mercenary army. 

VR support is planned across Story and Conquest mode, and if you can't hop into a digital jet without bringing your flight stick along with you, Project Wingman will have customisable controls fully compatible with HOTAS peripherals. 

A free Project Wingman alpha demo is available on

Fraser Brown
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