Project Dust: Ubisoft’s world-sculpting game


Ubisoft have unveiled 'Project Dust' at E3, a strategy game where you protect your tribe of people by re-moulding the Earth.

Dust is a god game, putting you in charge of a technologically simple people, using your powers to manipulate the world around them as they're assaulted by natural disasters. As Earth tosses tsunamis and earthquakes at them, you use your powers to divert the natural disasters, to allow your people to survive and grow.

It's being creatively directed by Eric Chahi, who made the classic platformer “Another World” and who likens the game's tech to building a sandcastle on the beach: the world's scooped and manipulated, breaching a lake open and dragging a huge channel will let the water inside flow, relieving pressure. But it's not a pre-determined path: the entire world is dynamic, enabling the player to rip it up as they see fit.

It looks like every game Peter Molyneux has ever made, but in a good way. Extreme Populous! We've uploaded the E3 trailer for your eyes only.