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Project Cars will support 12K resolution on PC

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Project CARS

While most will struggle to get Project Cars running at 4K resolution with a smooth frame rate on high settings, the game will also support 12K resolution, Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed. That's great, except 12K monitors don't exist yet. The only way you'll be able to take advantage of the resolution is with three 4K monitors. If you can afford that, can I email you my resume?

The news comes via a new Project Cars FAQ, where the studio compares performance across various platforms. The studio hasn't ruled out some kind of demo or Early Access phase either, though with a release planned for mid-May, they'd want to get a move on (unless the game is delayed yet again).

Full system requirements are out too, and if you're unsure whether you should bother playing Project Cars, maybe this will pique your interest.

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