Project Cars physical copies are slightly delayed in Australia

Project Cars

If you're among the small number of folk who still buy PC games on disc, then we've got bad news for you: Project Cars has been delayed in Australia, and it's all thanks to the rain. That's right: it's not just Sydney trains that come to a grinding halt when there's moisture in the air, but video games too.

Fair enough, though – the rain was quite terrible in Sydney last week, as my kitchen ceiling will attest. Project Cars is expected to hit retail on Friday 8, a mere day after its scheduled release date, and local distributor Bandai Namco has provided us this statement:

"Our local production house suffered some damage in last week’s storms which resulted in our PC stock and DLC paper-parts having to be reprinted. As such, we are working to having the Project CARS PC stock delivered to stores this Friday 8th, a day after the console formats release on Thursday."

Slightly Mad Studios is reportedly in the planning phase for Project Cars 2, according to reports last week. In the meantime, here's some recent footage showing off the game's multiplayer modes.

Shaun Prescott

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