Project Cars 2 might already be in the planning phase

Screenshots of the year - Project Cars

Ian Bell, head of Slightly Mad Studios, has been chatting on the World of Mass Development forums... about Project Cars 2, it seems.

While previously the not-yet-out Project Cars was referred to as a 'Destiny-like' experience, meaning it would be a platform on which updates were bolted over a period of about a decade, just like the console shooter, it looks like plans are afoot to instead just go straight for a sequel.

The text in Bell's post, which you can see capped over on Pretend Race Cars, is as follows:

A very short update for now as I’m jet-lagged to hell and back but the good news is that we will be continuing the WMD setup for pCARS2.

We will open new forum sections when the game (pCARS1) ships to support the new users and you WMD experts will all have access and we’d greatly appreciate your assistance advising new users.

I’ll be implementing a new non-profit return form of WMD for pCARS2 (to avoid the FSA hassle) and will set a purchase time limit of 2-3 months for those who want to take part. Following this, involvement will be closed. The tiers won’t have the higher cost options that we currently have (probably capped at 100 pounds with excellent benefits) and those who want to approach me personally to invest in the new game can do so providing it’s at or above 50k.

I planned to release the above information with a new web page explaining the details of each purchase tier but we’re insanely busy and haven’t found the time. I’m aware though that I promised an update so here it is.

In short, we want to continue and extend the community involvement in the pCARS brand which has proven to be so very effective and we want to ensure this great community lives on and thrives into the future.

What do you think? Is it a sequel? A slip of the tongue ("fingers")? A mislabeled add-on for the core game?

I've contacted Slightly Mad for comment — the story will be updated should they get back to us.