Pro Hearthstone players experiencing delays receiving prize money

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Pro gaming isn't as simple as winning and then showering in greenbacks, especially if you're competing on an international scale. According to a report on The Daily Dot, most Western players who competed, and won, at the World Cyber Arena and World Esports Championships in China last year have yet to receive their prize money. A total of $69,875 is reportedly owed to Hearthstone competitors, but sources close to the situation say it's not due to dodgy business practises.

"Clearly, there is no intention from the WCA side to avoid paying the prizes," said Rania Hatzi, Western player liaison for the event. Instead, the delays appear to be the result of management inexperience and simple international credit transferal hurdles.

"On one side, some of the players significantly delayed sending their banking information for the transfer, even though the WCA repeatedly asked for it. On the other side, the Chinese banking system is quite different, so it takes significant time to sort out the correct routing numbers, as well as to clear the wire transfer."

Indeed, due to the complexity of dealing with Chinese banks, some pros have been brave enough to accept cash payment, which can cause trouble at customs when the amount is a whopping $32,000. When the WEC caught on that it isn't feasible for most Western participants to carry that much cash out of the country, the organisation released an apology for the ensuing delays.

The full report is over here. It's an interesting insight into the logistics of international pro-gaming.

Shaun Prescott

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