Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 announced

PES 2016

Just because there was a PES 2015, a PES 2014, a PES 2013 and similar, there was no guarantee we'd get a Pro Evolution Soccer 2016—although one's just been announced anyway. Can you believe it's been 20 years since the very first installment of Konami's frequently good ball-'em-up? (I mean yeah, pretty much, it's been around for ages.) This year, its competitor FIFA adds women's national teams for the first time, and there's no sign of anything similar for PES 2016. It does, however, use MGS5's fancy-schmancy Fox Engine, so there's the possibility of Konami's footy game incorporating the Fulton Recovery System or pooping horses.

A very slim possibility, but still. You can find the noisy PES 2016 website here. The press release goes on about its "advanced collision system", "dynamic weather", "new ball physics" and more, while promising that the Master League mode will get a "a total revamp" for this year's game. Here's an E3 trailer to whet your appetite:

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