Prison Architect alpha 13 introduces escape tunnels; weekend deal shanks price by 40%

Prison Architect 13

Introversion have released a new build of crim sim Prison Architect. Alpha 13 gives inmates the ability to tunnel out of your jail, which - and I'm just guessing here - sounds like something they might want to do. As always, Chris Delay and Mark Morris have created a video update taking you through the cells, buildings and underground holes of the game's latest version.

Using the contraband added in alpha 12, prisoners can slowly Shawshank their way to redemption. Searching their cells will uncover their escape attempts, but the most efficient way to unearth tunnels is with dogs. Unfortunately, dogs aren't in the game yet. That four-legged feature is planned for the next update.

The other significant change is an automatic punishment system, letting you send prisoners to lockdown or solitary, based on their crime. Introversion say this is the first major step to removing politics from the games systems, and letting players build a "right wing hellhole" without the game penalising their penal system.

Finally, because today is The Day of the Deals , the game is 40% off for this weekend . That means you've got until September 2nd to lock it up for the discount price of £11.99/$17.99.

Phil Savage

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