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Prison Architect alpha 11 update brings land expansion and prisoner release

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Introversion have released a new build of jail management sim Prison Architect. Alpha 11 beings land expansion, prisoner release dates, an improved build menu and a timelapse video mode. Mark Morris and Chris Delay have created a video running through these changes, while also providing musings about misheard Slipknot lyrics. It's a public service that you just don't get from other game developers.

Land expansion is unlocked once researched by your accountant. It'll let you buy new plots of land to increase the size of your prison. Currently, there are no limits to how far you can expand, although the Introversion guys note that eventually performance will be an issue.

Other changes include prisoner sentences that run down, releasing the inmate when they've served their time; an enhanced object menu that highlights objects specific to the building you're currently viewing; and 'hearses', which will transport the dead bodies from your morgue.

As for the timlapse feature, the game can now take a single frame of animation at set points throughout your campaign, stitching these together into an OGV file. To demonstrate, they released this video of the system in action:

To see the full list of changes, head over to the Introversion blog .

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