Prison Architect alpha 10 update brings Steam Workshop, riots, and a penguin

With every update to Introversion's Prison Architect, the lives of its incarcerated 'guests' become that little more harrowing. The alpha 10 patch is only slightly different - it instead gives your prisoners a way to express their increasing displeasure. Unfortunately, rather than anger management sessions, or rehabilitative education, their new means of release is good old fashioned rioting.

A new "thermometer" system has been introduced, which combines the collected annoyances of your prisoners, measuring them against each inmate's breaking point. When the anger level rises too high, a riot breaks out, with prisoners capturing buildings throughout your complex. To deal with this, two emergency services have been added: paramedics and riot police. Or you could try not pissing them off in the first place.

Alpha 10 also brings Workshop support to the Steam build of the game, letting you share your best prison architecture with the community. "We are continuously blown away by some of the prisons our community build," Introversion say. "Layouts that we'd never considered, or packing an entire jail into 12x12 squares, or nightmarish concrete hellholes. Now you can share your best prisons with the rest of the world via the Steam Workshop. From the main menu in game you can access our workshop integration, and from there you can publish your prison, or play other peoples prisons at the click of a button."

Finally, Introversion have ported the game to Linux. While they've targeted Ubuntu 12.04 as the starting point, they say it should be widely compatible across a variety of distributions.

To see the full Alpha 10 changelist, see this forum post , or watch the update video below.

Phil Savage

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