Prime subscribers can grab one of our favourite survival horror games free to keep right now

The Evil Within 2
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Remember that Amazon Prime subscription you have quietly ticking away in the background of your bank account? It's all been worth it, because you can use it to grab a free GOG copy of The Evil Within 2 over at Amazon Prime Gaming right this second. Well, kind of free, if you don't count the monthly subscription cost you've been forking over all this time. Potentially the most expensive game you've ever bought if you do.

Don't worry, this is the good one. Where the first Evil Within was light on frights but heavy on technical issues, the second game found its footing with a more open design and a better grasp on its guilt-ridden characters. It's overall a much more confident game than its predecessor, even if that one did have a few old-school survival horror charms.

When Joe Donnelly scored it 80% in our Evil Within 2 review, he praised its extraordinary and terrifying set pieces, and noted that it infuses classic survival horror with "enough psychological horror to keep it feeling fresh." It even occupies a spot on our list of the best horror games you can play right now.

Claiming the game is easy enough. Once you've signed into your (Prime-subscribed) Amazon account, the page linked above will spit out a code that you can enter into GOG's redeem a code section. And that's it, a DRM-free copy of the game to do with as you will until the end of time. Or GOG.

It's not the only game you can pick up for free right now. You've also got about a month to grab a GOG copy of the excellent Dishonored 2 and, uh, just about a year to nab a bunch of Metal Slug games, if you want to pencil that into your diary for June. It's about time our monthly Bezos tithe started giving us something back. 

Joshua Wolens
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