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Prey trailer explores the dark history of Talos

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In what marks a distinct step away from blasting vicious alien lifeforms and morphing into coffee cups, Prey's latest trailer examines the alternate historical timeline around which the upcoming sci-fi shooter is based.  

In said skewed reality, we already know President Kennedy has survived assassination but the following video fills in the blanks as to what happens next. A rift between the Soviets and the States sees the latter take full control of the newly formed Kletka Program—a "permanent installation" used to contain a "non-terrestrial threat"—however a containment mishap sees the project abandoned. 

Years later, the TranStar Corporation has taken over the long-forgotten space-flung vessel, turning it into a "cutting edge innovation centre" named Talos 1. Which is of course where you enter the fold—just as the shit appears to have hit the fan. 

Similar to how series like Metal Gear Solid interweave narrative with reality, I really like how Prey ties its vision of the future to real life historical events and, alongside what we've seen so far, it seems to be shaping up nicely. 

No release date just yet, however Prey is due at some point next year.