Prey modders uncover cognizant Disc Rifle cut from game in files

Image credit: JRavens

Back in March, our sister site GamesRadar spoke to Prey's lead systems designer Seth Shain who mentioned a somewhat sentient disc-firing rifle had been cut from the game's final release. Said to feedback to its user things like 'Reloading,' 'Firing,' 'Target acquired', and similar things it was then said to "start saying other things, and it would start questioning its own existence."

It seems intuitive modders have now uncovered the files for such a weapon, named the Disc Rifle, which point to dialogue strings and make mention of a specified side-quest. As posted to the Reddit and the farcrymods forums, users JRavens and emoose quote lines from the Disc Rifle's repertoire, such as: "Selector M. Yu. What would you conclude if you knew your purpose, but… disliked it? Would that be a defect". 

From the information JRavens and emoose have managed to uncover, there's also some suggestion that the weapon would have eventually refused to fire altogether, after reaching peak levels of sentience. 

As detailed here, and as depicted in the header image above, the Disc Rifle can apparently be spawned in an untextured state (it's also described as a shotgun)—as can its initial line of feedback dialogue.

My favourite Prey weapon is the Gloo Cannon however an intelligent rifle which has scope to take the huff sounds interesting, don't you think? I'm sure there is good reason, but it seems a shame this didn't make the final cut. 

Thanks, PC Invasion.