Prey DLC teases continue to point toward a trip to the Moon

The Prey hype machine started cranking over again today with the appearance of a number of new achievements on Steam. They're not properly named, but they do provide a clue to what's coming: From top to bottom, they spell out, "If you believed they put a man on the moon." 

That's a lyric from the REM song Man on the Moon, which may or may not be directly relevant to the future of Prey. More to the point, though, it's a reference to the moon, which has previously been hinted at as the location for the expansion. The achievements also bear the logo of Kasma Corporation, a rival to TranStar that got a very brief mention in the game when Eddie Voss confessed to stealing from the company.

Adding to the mystery is a KasmaCorp Twitter account that was created in March. It isn't confirmed as a "real" account, although this Reddit thread strongly suggests that it is, and its tweets are protected so I can't currently see them. But a separate thread reveals that it's dropped some cryptic hints in binary, including lunar surface coordinates and the phrase, "The moon is a harsh mistress."

Perhaps most interesting (and indicative of an active PR ramp-up), the Kasma Corp Reddit account posted a comment on a very cool image of Earth and the Moon earlier today in the NASA subreddit. The comment, in binary, translates to "imgur 31nProa." Converting that to an imgur url gives us this: 

The plot thickens. It's just a guess, but I expect that the secrets will be revealed at E3.

Thanks, VG247.

Andy Chalk

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